The "10 Backpacking Essentials" Guide

The worst thing you could do when going on on a hiking/backpacking trip is to be unprepared. You will be out in nature away from everything so it's extremely important to make sure you at the very least have the most essential items to keep you comfortable and safe. 

You may have heard of the popular classic "10 Backpacking Essentials" list of gear that you should absolutely take on a backpacking trip. 

Well, we really like that concept so we produced our own more in depth and updated "10 Backing Essentials" which gives you a simple and easy to follow guide of the most necessary gear you will need on your journey. 

Check it out below! (flip pages using navigation at the bottom)



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Unfortunately our pillow that is featured in the guide is sold out but we should have it back in stock in the next couple weeks.


Veronica Hughes
September 22, 2018 at 10:42

Super excited about my camping trip. Love your guide. Thinking of purchasing my first camelback soon. Thanks for the tips.

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