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10 Ultimate Camping Sleeping Hacks

July 09 2019

Some of us can sleep well anywhere (maybe you're not reading this article in that case), however the other unfortunate lot of us can have some issues falling asleep - on planes, camping, in unfamiliar places, or even in our own bed. 

Collectively, we've experienced our share issues sleeping when camping so we set out on a journey to gather the best remedies that can help you get a good night sleeping when out camping - try them out and see if you wake up more rested!

1. Find a good patch of land

A tree in a meadow.

The first thing you need to do in order to set a solid foundation for your good night's sleep in the great outdoors is find a good patch of land within your campsite to set up on.

Ideal conditions are flat, soft, and have a minimum of rocks and other objects that could impede your comfort or injure you in the night. A soft bed of grass or pine needles is ideal, but if that's not available, just pick the flattest patch of land available and make sure you sweep all the rocks, pinecones, and other detritus out of the area.


2. Appropriate tent/shelter setup

Three tents overlooking a snowy mountain.

Once you have your spot picked out, it's time to pitch your tent. Many tents are designed with vents and other technology to help regulate temperature and airflow.

It's important to have the right kind of shelter for the climate you're camping in, so make sure you do your research and bring the proper accommodations for the camping destination of your choosing. The better your temperature regulation, the more soundly you will sleep during the night.


3. Comfortable sleeping surface

Lining the floor of your tent with a comfortable surface is the next step towards your good night's sleep.

Inflatable sleeping pads like the Leisure Co Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad keep your body's pressure points supported while also keeping you elevated off the ground, which can get really cold at night.


4. Positioning in relation to sun 

A girl sitting in the sun.

This is one hardly anybody thinks about until it's 6 AM and the hot sun is beating down in their face. Try and position your tent/sleeping arrangement in such a position as to minimize sun exposure in the morning.

If there are trees or another source of shade in the area, it's simple: use your compass to find East. That's the approximate direction the sun will be rising in. Your geographical location and season factor into this as well: for example, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's Summer, the sun will be rising to the North of due East. 


5. Comfortable pillow

A woman resting her head on a Leisure Co pillow.

As with any good night's sleep, your camping sleep session is going to require a comfortable pillow.

Avoid the hassle of bringing your cumbersome bed pillow by packing a lightweight, portable camping or travel pillow like the Leisure Co Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow


6. Keep water nearby/ stay hydrated

A man on a railroad bridge drinking water from a bottle.

This one is very important: STAY HYDRATED throughout the day, and you will rest better at night. No one likes the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night, totally parched, grasping around for some water only to come up empty handed.

Keep a big jug on hand at your bedside to relieve nighttime thirst, and if you have to answer nature's call, make sure you have a safe and sanitary place picked out in advance.


7. Correct sleeping bag/blanket for temp

Another factor that ultimately comes down to a matter of temperature is your choice of sleeping bag or blanket.

Today's sleeping bag market offers a wide range of choices that are specially designed for various weather scenarios. If you're going to be camping at a high altitude, especially in the cooler months, make sure you pack a down sleeping bag made to protect against freezing temperatures.

However, if you're out in a balmy summer climate, and you think you're going to be unzipping and kicking that sleeping bag right off, opt for our Leisure Co Ultra-Portable and Lightweight Camping Blanket -- it's just right for keeping comfortable without over-doing it. 


8. Noise control

A boy listening to headphones.

If you've ever been up all night listening to your next-door neighbors' bedroom conversation, you know that things just sound louder at night. Add to this the heightened sense of danger that comes along with the exhilaration of sleeping outdoors, and you've got a recipe for a restless night.

Try bringing along a pair of ear plugs (the cheap ones from the drug store work great), or if unplugging's not your thing, your in-ear or noise-cancelling headphones along with your favorite lo-fi study beats, classical, or podcasts (don't forget to download first)!


9. Pest control

A mosquito biting someone.

We can all agree that there are few things more unnerving than the whir of a mosquito buzzing in your ear at night. Fortunately, there are tons of great ways to keep bugs out of your tent to help ensure a good night's sleep.

If your tent has meshed vents, use them! Keep the door zipped all the way up to make sure nothing gets in. Burning citronella outside (remember to always practice good fire safety), misting with insect repellent, or, if natural's your thing, sprinkling an essential oil-based repellent (3 parts lavender/1 part eucalyptus) are some additional ways to ensure the creepy crawly things leave you alone so you can get your rest.


10. Choice of sleep aids 

Most people have a "little something" that helps them drift off to sleep. Whether it's soothing tea, a nightcap of something stronger (think whiskey...), or other forms of *cough* medication, if you depend on it or enjoy it normally, make sure you bring it along on your trip. Just be mindful of local laws concerning certain substances -- you don't want to end up in hot water over a little "tea."


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out 10 Amazing Backpacking Hacks for more great tips to optimize your camping experience for maximum safety and enjoyment!