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5 Fun Ways To Cook On a Campfire That You Probably Haven't Tried

May 11 2018


Stop cooking the same old way every time you go camping, time get creative and try out some of these different but fun ways to cook using a campfire. 

1. Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are a fun way to cook on a campfire if you want to switch it up and try something new. 

You could use a camping specific dutch oven that has special pegs or legs that elevate it a couple inches off the ground and provide more air flow and a more efficient overall cooking experience. I would also recommend that you have lid lifter to both remove the dutch oven from the fire and also the same for the cover.

Let’s be real though, some of us that already have our own standard dutch ovens that we paid an arm and a leg for may want to make use of them and try cooking on a campfire with those instead of a camping specific one. The good news is that this is definitely possible but just requires a little more finessing and technique.

My suggestion for this technique is to gather two medium blocks of wood or sticks, make a little space in the fire and then use those as a stand and slide hot coals between as your main heat source. (or use a Swedish fire torch, see below to see what I'm talking about)

2. Pre-Packed

This method came to me when I went camping with some of my buddies last year.

Him and his wife pre-cooked and pre-packed breakfast, lunch and dinner into little aluminum foil packages so that they wouldn’t have to do and messy prep when they were at the campsite, all they had to do was just pull them out from the cooler so they could have more time to relax (they are new parents with a 1 yr old so that explains this and the preparedness).

With these packages you can either throw them on the grill top if you have one or place it on the outside or in the fire somewhere to warm up. You should also bring some tongs to safely and easily take the packages in or out of the heat and adjust the positioning while cooking.

Another way is to bring raw foods and cook it fresh on the fire, up to you!

3. Skewer

Ok I know what you're thinking...a different way? Sorry, but this one is and oldie and a goodie and I had to throw it in here for my own satisfaction.

You can get fancy with it but I prefer to stick with the classics. Those classics being everyone's favorite  - Smores! And a good ol' hot dog on a stick.

I’d recommend some nice skewers with a handle and a long metal rod but all you need is some sort of skewer that’s decently long so you’re not singeing your hairs of trying to cook.

Another tip is to remember to turn the skewer while cooking to get an even roast.

 4. Spit Style

This method gets me really excited (cue drool filled dreams of southern spit fired pork) and it just might be the most fun of the bunch.

There’s a fancy or proper way to do this and a resourceful way. You could buy proper spit stands and a sturdy horizontal rod (some are even electronic!) or you can go McGiver with it and find two sticks with forks to hold either a skewer or a long stick. I’m not buying a fancy spit just for camping so I’m going with option 2 as shown in the photo above.

Depending on the fire size, adjust the level so it’s about 5-10 inches above the top of the flames depending on the heat level and rotate regularly to get an even roast.

5.  Swedish Fire Torch

This way is really fun, basically you grab enough pre-chopped fire wood to make a circle then you strap them all together (get creative here) and start a fire in the middle of the circle. Fresh Off The Grid has a great article that goes into the whole process in detail, be sure to give it a read if you want to try this out.

Comment below if you have another cool campfire cooking method that you would like to share.