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Content Roundup: Camping In The Rain, Fun Things To Do At Night, And More!

June 27 2019

Hey Everyone,

We're back with this week's Content Roundup. Today we're bringing you more great camping and traveling tips and tricks from some of our favorite places around the web. 

Read on to check out what we've got for you this week!


A person in a raincoat.

It's Summer -- and for many of our readers across the U.S. that means fun in the sun AND unpredictable weather (thunderstorms!). This super cool guide from Explore The Map  can help you have a good time, even when the weather is trying to screw that up for you. Make sure to bring along your Leisure Co Adventure Blanket (it's water-resistant and buttons to make a wearable poncho!) to stay dry while you're braving the weather.


People gathered around a campfire.

We here at Leisure Co obviously love camping. Yes, we love it for the scenic vistas, the fresh air, the solitude, and the communion with Mother Nature -- but we also like getting up to no good around the campfire at night. This super fun guide from Zip Outdoors can help you enjoy the company of your friends in your favorite setting -- flask not included.


A tent at a campsite.

...aaaaand sometimes you just can't get anyone to come along for a weekend getaway. Want to try a solo mission but can't gather the nerve to make it happen? This handy guide from Camping Sleeping will help you execute your solo mission safely and with confidence. 


A smartphone sitting on a rock ledge.

This one is for you Vanlifers out there. Assuming you're not totally off the grid, Into The Wild style, your smartphone is probably your number one tool for day-to-day functions -- even when you're getting away from it all. This super-thorough list from Campers And Campfires will help you find the apps you should be using to make your trip more efficient and more enjoyable.

Alright folks, that's it for this time! Remember to check back next week for more great content, curated by your friends at Leisure Co!