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Content Roundup: Tent Hacks, Free Camping and More!

June 21 2019

Hey folks,

We're trying something new starting today. We're going to bring you some great content from some of our favorite places around the web (curated by us) every Friday.

Read on to learn some great camping tips and hacks that we found really useful, and we think you will, too!

15 Tent Hacks To Make Your Tent The Coziest Place On Earth

We here at Leisure Co are all about keeping it cozy when you're out in the field. Whether you're camping, picnicking, at a festival, or at the beach, we're committed to the idea that you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort in order to enjoy the great outdoors. These tent hacks from One Crazy House are right up our alley. Just add our Adventure Blanket, Luxury Camping Pillow, and Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for a downright leisurely camping experience.


An RV beneath a starry sky.

How To Find Free Camping In The USA

We love camping. We love the USA. And we love FREE. Ever wonder why your campsite is pricey, crowded, and overall not really the outdoors experience you expected? We sure have. With this great guide from Nomads With A Purpose, you can find more off-the-beaten path campsites that you can be sure are legal, safe, and FREE! We sure wish we had found this guide sooner, and you will too.


A view of a beach as seen from a tent.


Summer is here and we want to be on the beach like, all the time. With these beach camping tips from Zip Outdoors, you can learn the best ways to optimize your beach camping experience so you never have to leave. Be sure to bring along your Leisure Co Adventure Blanket (it's sand-proof!) for those chilly seaside nights.


A camper holding a cup of coffee above a scenic vista.


For every epic night in the wilderness, there's always a morning after. Bearfoot Theory has just the thing for that. This super-useful guide has tips for all kinds of scenarios, so you can tailor your coffee-making experience to suit your needs. Whether you're fueling up for a long day on the trail or making it Irish and sleeping in, Bearfoot Theory has you covered.


That's it for this week's content roundup! Remember to check back soon for great camping tips, hacks, stories, and more. And while you're here, don't forget to visit our shop! Until next time...